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The art of seemingly fine

Practice makes perfect i heard
So the art of seemingly fine, i practiced
How are you?
Oh peachy
Can we hang out?
Yah sure.
And so it continued.
But we both knew it was small talks.
Am not fine, we will never hangout.
My timeline,
Full of anguish i cried,
But no one read between the lines.
Am not okay i posted,
But you are better than others they commented,
And then others roasted,
While the few who lied,
We here for you they replied,
When their cells i called,
When my world crumbled,
Suddenly unavailable, they ghosted.
Alone frustrated
I was feeling defeated.
Then I realized,
Nobody actually ever cared.
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Bleeding love

I was floating on a sea
All around me abyss
Nothing as far as the eye could see
Afraid, my heart beat breaking my ribs
Goosebumps, like acne they broke my skin
Freaking out
I tried screaming, i called for you
But no sound was coming out
Then like a silhouette
I could see you
Like an angel i thought, you were shimmering
Here comes my Savior, i thought
And as i waited for you to come near
Memories played like a movie
Of all the Sweetest things you told me
Wrapped in your arms,
how we were for forever
My breath evened, my heartbeat slowed
Nearer you drifted, closer
Arms raised i waved, called
I smiled,
Your eyes bright, they twinkled
He is happy to see me, i thought
Like a stranger,you passed.
You left me drowning
Your smile wasn’t because you were happy to see me
Your eyes twinkled because finally
You had gotten rid of me
In that moment
As i floated far away in abyss
I finally thought of all the times
I should have left before, of all the excuses i made for you
And i finally cried
For the love that i thought was
For the trust that killed me
For the hurt that will never heal
For a heart, shuttered
Just because i believed in you.

Power of YOU


Sometimes I want to write about YOU,

Some days i want to write to YOU,

Am not sure which way, the message will get to YOU,

I want the world to know YOU,

However i don’t how to get through to YOU,

But if i ever write to You or about YOU,

This is what I YOU to know.


YOU have everything you need to survive in this world,

I know some days you will question YOU,

Sometimes you will fight with YOU ,

But through the turmoil and despair in YOU,

Always remember the strength that lies in YOU.


Some days your dreams will come true

Don’t ever forget to thank YOU,

In humility, never let success go to your head,

With new horizons to explore,

Never forget where YOU began at.


In pain and in pleasure,

In fear and in strength,

In despair and in hope,

In failures and in success

Never forget YOU

And that’s all the strength you need

to sail through these stormy weathers of life

You just need to believe in YOU


Some days you will lose your way,

Some nights loneliness will find you,

YOU will question your believe in You,

You will undermine your strength,

Question your knowledge,

However as long as you remember,

That everything you need is in YOU,

Every ounce of strength,

Every bit of wisdom you need,

You will save YOU despite.


Believe in YOU,

Celebrate YOU,

Don’t be too hard on YOU,

Never bet against YOU,

Forgive YOU countless times,

Because you are the only one

Through thick and thin,

warm and cold,

health and sickness you can always count on YOU to be there, for YOU.